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Feel free to visit the Club any time you see the gate open. The instructions for joining are available adjacent to the notice board inside the Foyer of the Clubhouse.(entry to  Ranges 1,2,3, & Air Pistol Range) Collect an information sheet then ask for help from any person wearing a Tamworth Pistol Club ID Card.

Information /Joining Day for new members is held on the fourth Sunday of the month starting at 9.30am in the Training Room on the ground floor of the Clubhouse, when this has been completed you will pay your membership and a Probationary Members Card will be issued.

When sign up has been completed, the training starts towards your “Safe Handling Course.” Your Club endorsed Safe Handling Test and Club Membership number can be added to your application for a Probationary Licence.

You will be issued with a probationary member’s attendance log and for the first six months you will shoot under supervision of the Club coach or an experienced Club Member. Your supervisor will enter the details of your participation on your attendance log. 

After this time you should have acquired a working knowledge of the matches shot on our range and you should also have a good grounding in the skills necessary to compete at a satisfactory level and your attendance log will be presented to the Committee as confirmation of your membership status.

After satisfactory completion of your first 6 months you will be eligible to purchase a pistol (some restrictions do apply) and you will be able to shoot with this/these until you complete your probation.          

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